The leader of the Garifuna community Celeo Alvarez dies

With great sadness we received in WanafriKa the news of the death of our brother Celeo Alvarez Casildo. The leader of the Garifuna community had been receiving treatment in Tegucigalpa due to his throat cancer suffering.

World afrodescendant leaders and Garifuna community leaders like Luis Green deeply regretted the loss of who is considered the highlight Garifuna community activist of all time.

The First World Summit of African Descendants
Celeo Alvarez founded and coordinated the Ethnic Community Development Organization (ODECO) that achieved the realization of the first World Summit of African Descendants. The Summit brought together, from 18 to 21 August 2011, in the cities of Tegucigalpa and La Ceiba in Honduras, a large international representation of African communities of 1063 delegates from 43 countries, heads of state and diplomats, being so far the peak event of African empowerment in Latin America.

Documentary on the World Summit of African Descendants

Céleo Alvarez Casildo was born in Plaplaya, in the municipality of Juan Francisco Bulnes, in the Mosquitia, on March 9, 1959. He Graduated in Agricultural Economics, in 2011 he was awarded Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of the Republic of Chile and the Euroamericana Marqués de Santillana University, for his work on behalf of the Garifuna people.

An Assembly of ODECO
Celeo Avarez was also President of the organization of Workers of Medicine and Allied (Sitramedys), Chairman of the Central American Integration System Advisory Committee. (CC-SICA), President of the Central American Black Organization and Executive Secretary of the World Summit of African Descendants platform.

A star that lights our way has left us today April 11 at 11:45 am. WanafriKa wishes him the land to be mild and will he meet with the ancestors in peace and harmony.


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