INPDUM Event: NYPD has killed 1000 Trayvons. Africans must resist colonial violence


Therefore, on Saturday, July 13, INPDUM will be holding a militant demonstration and speak out on the corner of 125th St and Adam Clayton Powell to voice the revolutionary demands of the African community as they relate to the Trayvon Martin question. 

We invite everyone to come and join us. Help hand out fliers, speak on the mic or buy/sell the Burning Spear Newspaper. Or just come and make a donation and join INPDUM! 

All the facts reveal that the U.S. colonial state (courts, prisons and police) have no interest in pursuing justice for Trayvon or African people as a whole.

The murder of Trayvon Martin, much like the murder and violence committed by the colonial state itself, is a part of colonial policy that was going on a long time before Trayvon’s death. In fact, African people as a whole are in the U.S. as a consequence of slavery and colonialism – the genocide of the indigenous people of North America and the theft of their land, the forced rape and kidnapping of African women, men and children for over 200 years. 

There has never been a period of African people’s history under U.S. colonial domination when we were not being lynched, hung, kidnapped, murdered, tortured, etc. And the U.S. court system has ALWAYS functioned as an instrument to JUSTIFY the colonial violence inflicted on Africans not only by the state itself, but by the general white population.

Therefore, it doesn't matter if Zimmerman is convicted or not, if his conviction does not result in the destruction of a system that has always murdered and lynched African people.

This is made even more clear in the obvious reluctancy the U.S. government has had in holding the trial of Zimmerman and the obvious bias with which the trial has been conducted and covered by the main stream media.

For example:

1. The police took several weeks before arresting Zimmerman. after Zimmerman murdered young Trayvon Martin, police refused to arrest him, despite witness statements that made it clear that it was a cold-blooded murder. For weeks the police allowed Zimmerman to continue to roam free to kill another African child under the pretense of self-defense.

2. It was only until masses of Africans around the world began to take to the streets demanding Justice for Trayvon Martin that the state actually arrested and ultimately “prosecuted” Zimmerman.

3. The second degree, not first degree, but second degree murder charge Zimmerman received will be decided by a six-person all-female jury without the participation of a single African person.

4. Despite the illusion of a trial and investigation, the entire trial and its media coverage has been a tool to justify Trayvon’s murder by Zimmerman as an act of self defense of a white man, a member the oppressor nation, against an African teenager, a member of the oppressed nation.

Regardless of the outcome of Zimmerman's trial, the real questions that effect justice for Trayvon and the African community will never be asked or answered by the U.S. court system or mainstream media. These questions include:
•How can the oppressed ever obtain justice in the courts controlled by the oppressor?
•How will Zimmerman’s imprisonment result in the end of colonial violence Africans experience at the hands of the state?
•How is Trayvon’s death any different from the one African who is murdered by police every 28 hours in this country?
•What will it take for African people to achieve power over own court/prison/police system responsible for protecting and defending the African community?

The INPDUM is clear that the colonial violence Africans suffer in this country and world wide wide can never be ended by the colonial court system.

INPDUM understands that just as African people forced the state t prosecute Zimmerman, we can build a movement for Black Power to overturn the existing colonial system, the system responsible for the mass murder and overall violent conditions in our oppressed and exploited African communities through the country and the world. 

Therefore, on Saturday, July 13, INPDUM will be holding a militant demonstration and speak out on the corner of 125th St and Adam Clayton Powell to voice the revolutionary demands of the African community as they relate to the Trayvon Martin question.

INPDUM calls on the entire African community to join us in the organized resistance to claim power over own Black lives.

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Antumi Toasijé

Antumi Toasijé
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