Uganda: PeaceEarth Country Coordinator


PeaceEarth is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization with an international scope and reach, founded by Forest Whitaker, to help societies affected by conflicts and violence transform into safe and productive communities.

Job Title:  Uganda Country Coordinator
Basic Purpose:
Under the overall authority and direct supervision of the Founder and Chairman of PeaceEarth Foundation, the incumbent will lead operational, programmatic and strategic efforts in Uganda.

Major Activities:
  • Supervise the activities of PeaceEarth Foundation in Uganda by providing managerial leadership, planning support, establishing priorities, ensuring coordination of the work of the Program Coordinator and Program Assistants and assign tasks to meet program deadlines, scheduled training dates, and overall goals
  • Manage the funds allocated to PeaceEarth projects in Uganda and provide the Founder of PeaceEarth with regular updates on the use of those funds
  • Act as representative of PeaceEarth among partners in Uganda including at the Governmental level
  • Contribute to PeaceEarth’s fundraising efforts in the country
  • Assist in the development and delivery of trainings and workshops in youth  empowerment  and conflict resolution (including mediation and dialogue facilitation), and ensure that trainings/workshops are executed in a culturally-sensitive manner
  • Monitor youths in the implementation of their action plans
  • Manage the distribution of microloans and oversee the impact of the microloans to ensure that recipients have the tools and mentorship necessary to fulfill their respective business/community development goals
  • Assist in the creation and assessment of program evaluation instruments
  • Make recommendations to improve programmatic components including, but not limited to, workshops/training modules, micro-finance projects, and overall communications among stakeholders and participants
  • Interview and recruit youth from a diverse backgrounds to participate in the program, and build a rapport with youth selected to participate in the program
  • Explore and carry out collaboration opportunities with governmental entities and grassroots partners
  • Manage the security of all employees and youths, and devise and execute a crisis plan in case of security problems
  • Alert and advise the Founder of PeaceEarth on existing or potential problems, including those that may have a political bearing, and make relevant proposals and design solutions and alternatives courses of action
  • Identify gender disparities and design interventions for solving these disparities
  • Conduct data analysis and prepare project work plans, budgets, and regular reports to PeaceEarth Headquarters
  • Carry out any additional activities that may be assigned by the Founder of PeaceEarth

Required Knowledge and Skills
  1. University degree from an accredited academic institution in conflict resolution, peace-building, Economics, or a related field and 7 years of field experience OR substantial coursework and understanding of conflict prevention, management and resolution processes and peace-building and 10-15 years of field work
  2. Professional experience in program development, implementation and evaluation
  3. Substantial knowledge and experience in refugee/migration issues as well as methods to address the needs of refugees/migrants affected by conflict
  4. Proven track record of promoting community development and monitoring the impacts of microloans in conjunction with community-based groups
  5. Substantial experience in curriculum-implementation through trainings and workshops to youth and/or community groups affected by conflict
  6. Good level of computer literacy
  7. Ability to handle multiple tasks at once and meet deadlines, while also providing leadership to others
  8. Ability to be adapt to cultural nuances among the Program Partners and among program participants
  9. Ensure logistical support for operations and the creation of detailed monthly logistics budget reports
  10. Professional proficiency in English and ability to draft and produce reports

Interested and qualified applicants should apply as soon as possible by sending a CV and cover letter to: info@peaceearth.org

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


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