Communiqué: On the appointment of Antumi Toasijé as the African Union African Diasporas 6th Region (AUADS) facilitator in Spain

By: Antumi Toasijé
Historian, politologist, Pan Africanist activist
www.wanafrika.org [Director]

To: African Diaspora members and organizations.

Dear brothers, sisters and friends,

It is my great pleasure to inform you that I’ve been appointed as the African Union African Diasporas 6th Region (AUADS) facilitator in Spain. The 6th Region AU Initiative seeks to foster and organize de African Diasporas building an effective political representation in the African Union. AUADS facilitator is a volunteer selected Pan-Africanist, who promotes communication and assists with the organizing and coordination of meetings and events regarding the mobilizing and organizing of the African Diaspora.

I’m aware that the African Union and its constituent States need serious reforms and advancements to become really democratic and effective bodies representing Africans, in Africa and abroad. Particularly we must promote changes in democracy and Human Rights standards. We must also promote welfare for the populations, political unity, and effectiveness in our response to internal and foreign aggressions. This is why we need people with the determination to build a better future for our communities by pushing forward the AU itself; I consider this my mission in the AUADS.

Following letters will provide more information on the AUADS initiatives.

Please visit the AUADS-Europe main site to get more information:http://www.au6thregionfwg.nl.

Keep in mind that; Africa will never surrender!


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Antumi Toasijé

Antumi Toasijé
Doctor en Historia, Cultura y Pensamiento