Request to the AU to intervene in Libya to end the slave markets

Request to the AU to intervene in Libya to end the slave markets


To the attention of: His Excellency Alpha Condé President of the African Union
His Excellency Moussa Faki Mahamat Chairman of the African Union Commission
His Excellency Roger Nkodo Dang President of the Pan-African Parliament
Members of the Executive Council of the African Union
Members of the Peace and Security Council of the African Union

From: African and Diaspora organizations and people below.
May 2017,
In: several cities (according to firms)

In view of the existence of a contemporary market for enslaved persons in Libya, which has been reported by numerous witnesses and denounced by the International Organization for Migration in a press release on March 4, 2017 [https://Goo.gl/emyyFn], where migrants, citizens of African countries, are being bought and sold to be used as a labor force, and large numbers of women are enslaved for sexual exploitation, a situation that replicates the worst slave scenarios of the century XIX.

Bearing in mind that this crime of establishment and full operation of a market for enslaved persons in Libya adds one more degree to the chain of human rights violations committed in Libya in the current context of war, such as killings, rape, Torture and other war crimes.

Bearing in mind that as stated in Article 8 of the African Union Charter: "The African Union shall have the right to intervene in a Member State pursuant to a decision of the Assembly under Article 4 of the Constitutive Act in respect of serious circumstances , Namely: crimes of war, genocide and crimes against humanity; "
Since enslavement is a crime against humanity, according to United Nations Resolution 2391 (XXIII) and article 7 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court on the non-applicability of the statute of war crimes and crimes against humanity And taking into account that the African Union in executive decision EX.CL/Dec.463(XIV) 2009: "Calls on the Commission to react to racist and other attacks against migrants wherever they occur."

In view of the worsening situation in Libya, which does not offer a horizon of solution and which compromises the life, integrity and freedom of migrants and Libyan citizens themselves;

The signatory entities and persons urge the African Union to Fulfill its mandate and militarily intervene in Libya executively and urgently with an African multinational task force mission for the restoration of peace and with the objective of guaranteeing the fulfillment of Human Rights in Libyan territory.

We request this and we ask this petition to be sent to the relevant bodies and instances for compliance.

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