Morocco Spanish border: "We have been beaten to death. Police came during the night..."

On Monday, the Moroccan police launched a vicious attack against African migrants waiting in the woods adjacent to the border with Melilla to cross into the Spanish city. There are several deaths and serious injuries. The Spanish press mutes the news.

On Monday, the Moroccan police attacked the camps that are scattered from sub-Saharan Marihuari Segangan up, spreading blood, terror and chaos forests adjacent to the border with Melilla. It is not the first in recent weeks, but the bloodiest. According to some survivors reported, through daily eltelegrama , several deaths and serious injuries as a result of the action of the repressive forces serving Moroccan dictatorship.

One of the victims of the brutal attack of the Moroccan Police
Photo:  http://www.eltelegrama.es

As has said medium, the Sunday afternoon twenty armored vans of the Moroccan security forces-similar to those used in Spain Police Intervention Unit (IPU) - appeared Farhana stationed in SUV Hummer H1 and Alawite Army began to make rounds on the road from Cape Three Forcas until Gurugú. After the jump, which took place around 05:00 am, police and Moroccan Army took action. On Monday, at dawn, at the crossroads between Beni and Enzar road to Farhana appeared Abderrahaman lying on the floor, a 25-year-old from Mali, crawling on the floor with his body full of wounds and face covered with blood pouring from his head. I could not walk, had broken legs to shock. I had a loaf of bread and a smoothie that some youths had given in charity, but claimed that no one was coming to help him because " they are afraid of something happening to them as well . "

The young immigrant and denounced the fascist attack of bodies and security forces Alawite dictatorship. According to his testimony, had several deaths and a large number of people seriously injured. "We have been beaten to death. They came during the night and in the morning and we have stuck to broke bones. Have led some to Oujda but others have left us starving in the woods", has terrified.

Many of them belong to the group of more than a hundred subsanarianos that on the morning of Monday, sought access Melilla fence exceeding twice. Coniguió Some of them reach their goal, but the Spanish Civil Guard expelled back to Morocco, knowing the situation they are exposed there, ie throw them in the hands of the brutal beatings to which they are subjected by Moroccan dictatorship, as a result of which many of them end up losing their lives or suffering injury whose consequences will last for life. "As always the Civil Guard expels us back to Morocco. It's very frustrating because you're inside. You're exhausted, full of wounds and you stop and you kick back to Morocco to kill us to death here ," says the migrant wounded through said eltelegrama.

Some of them have seen the death of their companions, others have seen as the Gendarmerie or the Moroccan Army took some of them and never see them again: "A fellow came swimming by Aguadú. He took the Moroccan police killed him with sticks and disposed of her body. I saw it, not the first nor the only time. They kill many of us do not know what they do with the bodies , "said a young Senegalese. A brutal hunt that takes place almost daily, and for many years, at the very gates of the Spanish state, with the complicity and direct responsibility of both the Spanish Civil Guard, and the government. "In Morocco we want but in Spain either. I've been here over a year, I entered twice and Melilla and I have returned again where we only stick, mistreat us. Here there are no human rights. And we can not go home, can not go back , "said the young man himself.

And there are many interests at play to beat about the minutiae type "respect for human rights" and other "nonsense buenrollistas" on. The Maghreb is the eve of Europe to those many millions of Africans from all countries who decide to take the journey of migration to the fabled land of western affluence. France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, etc., Are precisely those countries that first found these African men and women on their way to Europe. We know that European countries have signed with these African countries a number of agreements on the control of migration flows that are buying directly to immigration control, also discharging responsibility towards neighboring countries, and some countries transit routes in the usual African migration to Europe. In other words, European countries offer a number of perks in the form of trade agreements or agreements to aid in development cooperation, and in return, unloaded most of the responsibility for the control of migration flows in the other countries Mediterranean side, no matter at all the kind of regime that exists in these countries and the measures and methods that these countries will take to fulfill their end of the bargain. Some methods, of course, are not exactly the most respectful of the human rights of migrants, but on the contrary, as we can see by the record in this news eltelegrama.

Not only is that countries such as Spain look the other way, is that, well, in this particular case, look the other way for their own benefit. That is, not just passive accomplices, but active accomplices: guilty and responsible. As we say above, what happened these days in the vicinity of Melilla is not new. For years they have been widely criticized the Moroccan gendarmerie measures taken against illegal immigrants who are trying to cross the border with Spain, who come to shoot or abandon in the desert in Mauritania and sailing center for foreigners, criticized by the conditions that it brings and funded by the Spanish Government. Some NGOs speak of a genocide muted, with hundreds of deaths each year. These deaths now actually are but few among the many that are committed annually with the full complicity of the Spanish government and, of course, Spanish bourgeois media, which systematically silenced Quie everything to do with this killing prolonged the time it happens on the other side of the fence. Of course, whenever you can, do not hesitate to remind us that evil was the existence of the Berlin Wall and the many victims who were trying to cross it "at the hands of the Communists."

The signing of these agreements migratory agreements known as "second generation" (collected in Spain through the "Plan Africa"), responding to pressure from the European Union and especially by Spain to control migration flows. According denounced years ago Itziar Ruiz, former president of Amnesty Intentional in Spain (AI), "press for Morocco and Mauritania are those conducting immigration control is having very high human cost . " In addition, these agreements also require transit countries like Mauritania, to accept immigrants, regardless of their nationality. AI report, for example, that since 2006 to date thousands of people accused of leave to enter Islands Mauritania have been arrested and returned to Mali or Senegal, regardless of origin, not to appeal that decision. Many have also been held in "Guantanamito" Mauritanian. Moreover, this externalization of borders is not having followed up by the Spanish government. " Spain and the EU delegate control of external borders to third countries, without worrying about the methods used to carry out his orders , "says a report by the Human Rights Association of Andalusia (APDHA).

In fact, on July 6, 2006 the Spanish government, then led by the "progressive" Zapatero approved a 10.5 million euros of aid to Morocco to border control without imposing any conditions on human rights. The events of last Monday are merely a consequence of all this dirtecta. Are the repressive dictatorship of the Moroccan who beat and murder the border sub-Saharan migrants, yes, but the Spanish government and the role played in this side of the border by the bodies and Spanish security forces, who protect him, permitting and consents, without the least regard to international agreements on human rights or any other consideration of humanitarian nature that may be made, including, of course, the defense of the value of human life both boast as "western value" whenever they can, that, yes, only when they are interested.

Life on the other side of the border of Melilla, Morocco or to or for the government and the Spanish Civil Guard, as you can see, it's nothing. Life, of course, the eternal victims of capitalism, of those migrants impoverished by the prevailing system that they are forced to leave their homelands in search of a future that there are systematically denied. Because if one died Civil Guard on the border as a result of an attack by one of these migrants, the scandal would be huge. Do you hesitate?

Special mention, of course, the aforementioned Spanish media. They also have a large part of responsibility in all of this, they are also complicit in this slaughter taking place almost daily a few kilometers from the Spanish border. They are the ones who systematically silenced all you have to do with this tragedy occurring daily before our very borders and never makes news, lest they be awakened some feeling of guilt and / or empathy between people on this side of the fence of shame. Least as interested in any incident that may occur in Cuba, Venezuela or any other country of these which are not liked by the international capitalist powers, do not have eyes to see and tell what's going on far fewer miles of their writing. Human rights, like everything else, are also serving their political and economic interests. When the breakdown of these can affect those interests, very close to the Spanish border to happen, better to be silent; Spanish state responsibility is too obvious. Those are the capitalist media.

"We are not criminals, just poor. Here they are killing us and no human rights organizations to defend us. People in Spain and Europe have to know what they do to us," concludes one of the migrants interviewed by eltelegrama . already dealing But the mainstream media that does not happen. Fortunately always remain as eltelegrama media, or Kaosenlared, to try to at least be able to put some light to such facts.

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