The Black Fatherhood Challenge

Today, Father’s Day June 17, 2012 begins the first day of a powerful journey of transformation as we join and link together to take the Black Fatherhood Challenge. Go to www.blackfatherchallenge.com read the pledge and if you feel moved and motivated, sign the pledge to begin the journey. During the next ninety days you can/will join with Brothers all over the world as we build a new consciousness and vision of what it means to be more authentic, self-actualizing men making a genuine difference with ourselves and where we are. The Black Fatherhood Challenge is not just a call to action it is a call to actualization, a call to Black men to manifest our greatness and make a difference in the world here and now. Dr. Tom Gordon is an Afrocentric psychologist who is spearheading this initiative for all Black men regardless of income, “education”, social status or location. Check out the pledge on the Website, meditate on it and decide whether or not you want to be part of a new vanguard of men doing the serious inner work to transform ourselves and the world around us.

The Website is just one point of connection, we want you to spread the word via word of mouth, your social affiliation network, your family and by using the existing technology to get the word out and spread the message. Every day you will be able to post your thoughts, experiences and exhortations and share with Brothers around the world. In so doing we will begin the process to heal the wounds inflicted upon us by white supremacy and the pernicious pathologies it has spawned. Sharing your testimony, recounting your missteps, your triumphs and your transformation during this process will build and add to the empowering energy the Black Fatherhood Challenge is generating. Be a part of this sea change of transformation. See you on www.Blackfatherchallenge.com  

Junious Ricardo Stanton

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Antumi Toasijé

Antumi Toasijé
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