Moyo Pan Afrikan Solidarity Centre lecture and speaking tour in the USA by executive director, Affiong L. AFFIONG

Moyo Pan Afrikan Solidarity Centre
Advocating for Justice, Organising for Transformation 

Pan Afrikan Lectures Speaking Tour:
26 Dec 2011 – 29 Feb 2012

Afrika and her Global Diaspora;
Rebuilding Bridges across the Atlantic

Under the above theme, the Solidarity Centre will embark on
a national lecture and speaking tour in the USA led by executive director
Affiong L. AFFIONG  (see bio).

Bookings are invited for the main dates 26 Dec 2011 – 29 Feb 2012

We will also be available for speaking engagements on the following dates:

·           26th December 2011 – 1st January 2012 (Kwanzaa)

·           1st – 29th February 2012 (Black History Month)

·           1st –  10th March 2012 (International Women’s History Month)

·           23rd  – 30th April 2012 (Anniversary of Kwame Nkrumah’s transition)

·           21st – 31st May 2012 (Afrikan Liberation Day/Month)

Bookings are open for speaking engagements including lectures, conferences, media resource panels, workshops, discussions, debates, seminars, meetings and teach ins on subjects ranging from politics, current affairs to history and culture including;

·                    AFRICOM’s Mission in Afrika
·                    Exploring Kwame Nkrumah; Icon of Self Determination
·                    Groundings and Reflections on Life in Exile 
·                    Ghana; Understanding the 1966 CIA Coup
·                    Kwanzaa; Culture as a tool for Liberation
·                    Nigeria; Crisis of Ethnicism or Neo-Colonialism?
·                    Pan Afrikanism; Challenges and Prospects
·                    Pan Afrikan Quest for Reparations            
·                    Reconnecting Motherland and Diaspora     
·                    Repatriation and Homecoming                 
·                    Return to the Source; Afrika Study Tours
·                    Women; History, Politics and Power

For Bookings; Sis Njeri Yebiemen: njeri4freedom(a)yahoo.co.uk
 www.solidaritycentre.org    London; + 44 (0) 207 733 1263, + 44 (0) 7958 660 061

Moyo Pan Afrikan Solidarity Centre is a foundation for developing group, organisational and institutional capacities to facilitate the re-emergence of autonomous Afrikan people’s institutions. The Solidarity Centre promotes awareness and disseminates knowledge on the wealthy legacy of Afrika’s contribution to world history and human development.

Affiong  L.  AFFIONG
Bio Summary: Born in Nigeria, Affiong’s political life began as a student activist at the University of Ibadan, where she graduated with a BSc Hons degree in Political Science. She obtained a second degree in Law from the University of Lagos, where she developed her work as a student leader and political organiser in the Students Representative Council and the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), the umbrella organisation of the student movement.

A delegate to the 1984 Senate of the National Association of Nigerian Students Assembly at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, she was arrested and incarcerated with other student leaders by the military government for challenging and mobilising mass support against the regime’s attempt to coerce and ban the vibrant and independent student union movement.

Forced into exile, Affiong relocated to London in 1990 where she organised as a frontline campaigner in the UK based pro-democracy movement against military dictatorship in Afrika and the struggle to return Nigeria and other Afrikan nations to democratic rule in the 90’s.
She worked within the Black community in London as a grassroots campaigner and national advocate on immigration, reparations, race relations and amnesty for unregistered migrants.

Within the Britsh human rights community, she actively campaigned against Western backed anti-people regimes in Afrika, SHELL’s exploitation of the Niger Delta and Britain’s financing of the deadly arms trade. On a PanAfrikan level she mobilised to bring contemporary struggles for Afrikan liberation on the Continent into the public domain and political agenda in Europe as a leading activist and organiser of the Afrikan Liberation Support Campaign (ALISC).

In 1998 Affiong moved to Accra to head the Afrika Secretariat of the Jubilee 2000 Coalition a global campaign against 3rd world debt slavery working to expose the role of Western financial institutions in Afrika's economic crisis and advocate for the unconditional cancellation of the so-called debt. The Jubilee Afrika Campaign also called for the repudiation of these odious debts by Afrikan governments and reparations for the atrocities of slavery and colonialism.

Co-founder of Moyo wa Taifa, a Pan Afrikan Women’s Network created to establish links between Afrikan women on the Continent and in the Diaspora, Affiong is Executive Director of the Moyo Pan Afrikan Solidarity Centre, based in Accra and London. A foundation for developing group, organisational and institutional capacities to facilitate the re-emergence of autonomous Afrikan people’s institutions, the Centre promotes awareness and knowledge on the wealthy legacy of Afrika’s contribution to world history and human development.

As part of its public education program to take ownership of Afrikan history by documenting and disseminating our own narratives to the world, the Centre produced a landmark open space public exhibition themed “Kwame Nkrumah @ 100; Retrospective of his Life, Times and Legacy”. Launched by former Zambian President, Dr Kenneth Kaunda at the Nkrumah Mausoleum in Accra, the exhibition (May 2010–Sept 2011) attracted thousands of visitors within Ghana and beyond. Moyo Solidarity Centre also facilitates study tours to Afrika as a vehicle to connect the Homeland with her Diaspora.

A dynamic public speaker, broadcaster, lecturer, organiser and cultural ambassador, Affiong is an international advocate on human and people’s rights including women’s rights, reparations, debt repudiation, social justice and development. She is dedicated to the struggle and victory of Pan Afrikan liberation, unification and self determination.


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