The Initiation Ceremony of Prince Chukwueneka Ouagadou-Quamina

The Alkebu-Lan Revivalist Movement 
Invite The Afrikan CommunityTo 
The Initiation Ceremony of 
Prince Chukwueneka Ouagadou-Quamina 
(Son of Sis. Kai Ouagadou-Mbandaka & Bro.Ldr.Mbandka) 
A Boy Becomes A Man

Initiation is a formal transition of a young person into adulthood. In Afrikan tradition one cannot become a man or woman until they have successfully negotiated a Rites Of Passage, i.e. programme of education and preparation. Only then can they be entrusted with the roles & responsibility of Husband/Wife, Father/Mother, builder, hunter, healer, educator, warrior, etc…. Towards building a strong family, community (and family) can pour its blessings upon the “initiatives”. At age 12 Prince Ike-Chukwu was given a Transitional Blessing, since then he has been prepared for manhood. Let us gather and give him the day – Hail Him!

Umoja-Day (Sun) 24th Spetember 2011

4:00pm - 10:00pm

Chestnuts Community Centre 
280 St Ann's Road London N15 5BN

All gifts for our Prince gratefully received | Dinner Will be Served
Tube: Seven Sisters | Bus: 67, 259, 149, 349 279, 243, 76 | Info: 07932 366 429 - 0208 539 21 54


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Antumi Toasijé

Antumi Toasijé
Doctor en Historia, Cultura y Pensamiento