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In this United Nations recognized International Year for People of African Descent, it is fitting that the Harriet Tubman Series on the African Diaspora, a collaboration between Africa World Press and the Harriet Tubman Institute at York University, announces the publication of several new books that are devoted to the dissemination of new knowledge about Africa, the African Diaspora and people of African descent. 

The Harriet Tubman Series, explores the African Diaspora and the implications and influences on Africa in historical and contemporary times. It is named after Harriet Tubman (c.1820-1913), who as a young woman fled slavery in Maryland and subsequently helped others escape slavery and racial oppression in the United States. The Harriet Tubman Series, named in recognition of the "Moses" of her people, examines all aspects of the global migrations of African peoples, whether under conditions of slavery, or more recently as a product of the postcolonial conditions of the global society. The Series addresses the quest for social justice and equitable conditions of life in Africa and the Diaspora as revealed in history, literary studies, culture, and the performing arts. The Series is centered on Africa, and encompasses the Indian Ocean and the Islamic world crossing the Sahara from the Mediterranean to West Africa. Contributions in the Series are intended to promote dialogue along and across regional, religious, cultural, and political frontiers.

Manuscripts and proposals for inclusion in the Tubman Series are welcome and can be submitted to plovejoy@yorku.ca.
Paul E. Lovejoy
Harriet Tubman Series General Editor

Crossing Memories
Crossing Memories
Slavery and African Diaspora
Edited by Ana Lucia Araujo, Mariana
P. Candido, and Paul E. Lovejoy
"'Never Again!' should be the slogan of this highly remarkable set of papers as it reminds us of the evils of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, and how its past-experienced in blood and pain-is reinterpreted, reconstructed and reinvented in multiple spaces and in
different eras in the Atlantic world..."

-Toyin Falola, Ibn Khaldun Distinguished Research Professor
ISBN: 1592218202
Price: $29.95
Purchasing Culture
Purchasing Culture
The Dissemination of Associations in the Cross River Region of Cameroon and Nigeria
by Ute Röschenthaler
This book investigates the emergence of complex purchasable associations in the Cross River region of southwest Cameroon and southeast Nigeria. These associations emerged in the context of the growing transatlantic trade and were disseminated from the direction of the Atlantic coast to the hinterland. They diffused (and still continue to diffuse) trans-ethnically across the region, ignoring linguistic and national boundaries, and forming trans-local networks of owners of the same institutions. The study documents the histories of cult associations and their dissemination by purchase and sale which includes the transfer of immaterial property rights. This mode of dissemination differs substantially from that of secret societies in the West. Read more...
ISBN 159221830X
Price $49.95
African Communities in Asia and
the Mediterranean
(Coming Soon!)
African Communites in Asia and the Mediterranean
Identities between Integration and Conflict
Edited by Ehud R. Toledano
Of particular relevance to the current volume is the heritage of enslaved persons and their descendents, well past manumission, who had to cope with social, economic, and political disabilities sanctioned by law and practice. Generations after emancipation, these men and women still have to negotiate their own identities, confront discrimination by the state and from other social groups, and fight for basic rights. Colonialism and enslavement, for the most part, affected views and social practices that had a detrimental impact not only upon Africans in non-African societies, but have also profoundly transformed majority cultures and dominant value-systems. The chapters in this volume do not deal with the Atlantic world, where the study of forced migration, enslavement, and diasporas has attracted much scholarly interest that has produced a large body of literature. Instead, the contributors concentrate their efforts on the less studied regions of the globe-the Mediterranean and Indian Ocean worlds.
ISBN 1592218512
Price $34.95
Africa, Brazil and the Construction of
Trans Atlantic Black Identities
Africa Brazil
Edited by Livio Sansone, Elisée Soumonni and Boubacar Barry
The flow of ideas about race, anti-racism and black or African identity across the Atlantic is the focus of this volume of essays drawn from a very special international South-South workshop held on the island of Gorée, Senegal, in December 2002, the aim of which was twofold. The thirteen contributors to the book write from different positions and perspectives, but focus on ideas in transit and the transit of ideas. The organizers hold firmly that, especially in the making and deconstructing of notions of race and of different races, little is as local as often celebrated. Read more

ISBN 1592215270
Price $34.95
Africa and the Americas
Africa and the Americas
Interconnections During the Slave Trade
Edited by José C. Curto and Renée
Soulodre-La France
This book is a collection of recent scholarly essays reflecting an important structural feature of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. That is its circular nature, departing from Africa, coming to America, and then returning to Africa. Thus the volume is divided into three parts. David Eltis, Stephen Behrandt and David Richardson, analyze the slave trade along its national lines and determine that the Portuguese were critically important in the carrying of slaves. Read more...
ISBN 1592212727
Price $29.95
Africa and Trans-Atlantic Memories
Africa and Trans-Atlantic Memories
Literary and Aesthetic Manifestations of Diaspora and History
Edited by Naana Opoku-Agyemang, Paul
E. Lovejoy and David V. Trotma

The trans-Atlantic slave trade and the concomitant enslavement of Africans created an enduring connection between Africa and the scattered communities of peoples of African origins in the Americas and elsewhere. These tragic events of slavery have profoundly influenced the literary imagination, whether in Africa, Europe or the Americas. The authors in this collection explore the ways in which trans-Atlantic constructions of this historical experience find expression in the literary mode. Read more...

ISBN 1592216331
Price $34.95
Ecology and Ethnography of
Muslim Trade in West Africa
Ecology and Ethnography of Muslim Trade
by Paul Lovejoy
Lovejoy's work explores the organization of trade and production in the interior of West Africa, and specifically in the regions of modern Nigeria, Niger, Benin, and Ghana in the pre-colonial era before c. 1900, when Muslim merchants and entrepreneurs dominated economy and society. The essays are essential reading for those interested in the functioning of the internal social and economic structures of African countries during the era of the trans-Atlantic and trans-Saharan slave trades. Read more...
ISBN 1592214266
Price $34.95
Pawnship, Slavery, and Colonialism in Africa
Pawnship, Slavery and Colonialism
Edited by Toyin Falola and Paul
E. Lovejoy
The twenty essays in this volume explore the institution of debt bondage in Africa, in which individuals were held as collateral- usually by members of the same family -in lieu of debts that had been incurred. The reliance on personal relationship to guarantee credit arrangements worked well in principal because kinship ties were protected and exploitation levels were thereby limited. Nonetheless, pawnship exposed dependants to the possibilities of enslavement in the event of default on the loan and placed individuals in precarious positions which could result in considerable abuse of original intentions. Read more...

ISBN 1592210406
Price $39.95
Repercussions of the Atlantic Slave Trade
Repercussions of Slave Trade
The Interior of the Bight of Biafra and the African Diaspora
Edited by Carolyn A. Brown and Paul
E. Lovejoy
This volume looks at the historical context of slavery in the interior of the Bight of Biafra and the resulting diaspora of people that was formed in the Americas. The Bight of Biafra has a sordid yet fascinating history because of the intense connection with slavery, first as one of the main sources of enslaved labor for the Americas and then because of the continuation of forms of slavery into the nineteenth and twentieth century. The contributors to the volume include scholars from universities in Nigeria, Europe and North America and are based on a conference held in Nigeria in 2000. Read more...

ISBN 1592213588
Price $34.95
Slavery, Commerce and Production
Slavery, Commerce and Production
In the Sokoto Caliphate of West Africa
by Paul E. Lovejoy
This work brings together the key essays on the history of slavery in the Sokoto Caliphat e in West Africa and explores the role of slavery in the consolidation of the largest state in Africa in the 19th century, particularly in relation to the interior of modern Nigeria, Niger, and Benin when Muslim merchants and entrepreneurs dominated economy and society. The essays are essential reading for those interested in the functioning of the internal social and economic structures of African countries during the era of trans-Atlantic and trans-Saharan slave trades. Read more...
ISBN 1592212549
Price $34.95
Slavery, Islam and Diaspora
Slavery Islam and Diaspora
Edited by Behnaz A. Mirzai, Ismael Musah Montana and Paul E. Lovejoy
"A cast of talented scholars provides a rich and remarkable volume on the crucial linkages between Islam and slavery in different spaces and places, as well as historical eras, doing so to enrich our understanding of slavery and identity, religion and religious memory, historical commemoration, and the complicated contours of resistance and fiercely nationalistic values."
-Toyin Falola, The Nelson Mandela Professor of African History At Large

ISBN 1592217052
Price $34.95
Under the North Star
Under the North Star
Black Communities in Upper Canada before Confederation
by Donald Simpson
Edited by Paul E. Lovejoy

Based on detailed research, this book examines what happened to black refugees once they arrived in Canada. Like the maroons, cimarones, palenque, and kilombo in the Caribbean, Hispanic America and Brazil, the black communities of Upper Canada asserted their dignity through their independence, hard work, and persistence in maintaining sanctuaries from slavery. As Simpson demonstrates, many Canadian blacks returned to the US to fight in the Civil War, demonstrating clearly a strong commitment to freedom and justice for all people. Read more...
ISBN 1592213561
Price $34.95


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