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The Youth Entrepreneurship Change Conference 2011

The Youth Entrepreneurship Change Conference 2011

8th – 10th December 2011
Bonn - Germany

The African Youth Foundation (AYF) and partners, cordially invites you to their final annual conference on: *The Youth Entrepreneurship Change Conference 2011*

Millions of young Africans both in the Diaspora and on the African continent are looking for opportunities to be entrepreneurial – to be their own bosses and live life the global way. But for many, this is just an impossible dream. Several reports conclude that the Youth are our future leaders, but are the Youth prepared for this future leadership? We live in a world that we create – so why can’t we create a world where the African Youth is included in the growing and developing of global wealth? We need to create access to markets for goods and services of our young entrepreneurs.

This Conference will gather leading: Read more
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