Nueva York: Policía coloca drogas a personas negras y latinas inocentes

Una de las noticias más censuradas por los medios norteamericanos según el Proyecto Censura: La Policía de Nueva York coloca drogas en gente inocente para alcanzar las cuotas de arrestos. Los abusos de NYDP son conocidos, pero en 2011 un detective testificó que el vio habitualmente colocar drogas en gente inocente para que fueran arrestados. Mientras se dio cobertura informativa a los abusos de la policía contra el movimiento Ocupa, los abusos de la policía de NY contra la gente negra y latina que suponen en 86% de los arrestos por tenencia de drogas, siguen sin tener cobertura mediática.

A host of stories document how the New York Police Department operates outside the very laws it is charged with enforcing. In October 2011, a former NYPD narcotics detective testified that he regularly saw police plant drugs on innocent people as a way to meet arrest quotas. The NYPD’s controversial “stop and frisk” program has invested seventy-five million dollars to arrest suspects for possessing minimal amounts of marijuana. Each arrest costs approximately $1,000 to $2,000. Although NYPD use of unlawful restraints and disproportionate force to arrest peaceful Occupy protesters has received some news coverage, police brutality directed against people of color continues to go underreported.
Censored News Cluster: The Police State and Civil Liberties
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Student Researcher: Cary Escovedo (Sonoma State University)
Faculty Evaluator: Sheila Katz (Sonoma State University)