I charge the Obama Administration with complicity in the deaths of the Palestinians

By: Dr. Molefi Kete Asante
I charge the Barack Obama Administration with complicity in the deaths of the hundreds of Palestinian people. I charge the Israeli government with a crime against humanity for the terror it has afflicted on the civilian Palestinians. As an African American whose people have suffered for nearly four hundred years in a country bent on preventing our agency I charge the United States government and the Israeli government of a close collusion in the undermining of the freedom, independence, and liberation of the Palestinian people through a series of lies, masks, and manufactured facts. Both governments, Obama’s and Netanyahu’s, are now combined in a campaign of aggressive propaganda to explain the terrifying Israeli occupation of Gaza and the West Bank.

The moral outrage in the Israeli-Palestine conflict is not simply the attack on the United Nation Schools or the Gaza hospitals and mosques as Ban Ki Moon and Barack Obama have claimed today, but the occupation itself. Otherwise this is like saying that the moral outrage against the American system of enslaving Africans was limited to the brutalizing of black workers on the plantations rather than the system of slavery itself. You cannot try to contain people in bondage, slavery, or incarceration in an open-air prison without thinking that they will seek every opportunity to free themselves from this sort of hell. This was what happened during the American enslavement of Africans.

Our ancestors sought to free themselves by any means necessary. This is what happened in South Africa when the ANC, the PAC, and the Black Consciousness Movement resisted the apartheid prison created by the white minority government. Who thinks that the Palestinians will not respond to their political situation as other human beings? They will and they should and we should not reward the oppressor by making excuses for the killing of people who are not engaged in armed conflict. The asymmetry of the battle between Israel and Palestinians puts moral pressure on the Israeli government to avoid blatant criminal activities. I call upon the International Criminal Court to try Benjamin Netanyahu for mass destruction of civilian buildings, homes, institutions, and mosques in Gaza. Israel has become the pariah of the world because of its reckless attacks on innocent civilians.

Let the protest against this inhumanity begin now to redress this situation for the sake of justice and peace.


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