The Molefi Kete Asante Institute Fall 2013 Calendar of Events

5535 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19144
Phone: 215/882-9200

September 2013
(September 7) “The Quest for the First African Religion: Journey to History”
Dr. Tehuti Rah (aka Douglas E. Thomas), author of African Traditional Religion in the Modern World, 
Assistant Professor, Boricua College, New York City
Saturday 5 – 7 PM. Donation 
(September 21) “New Interpretations of our Folklore, Literature, and Creative Production: Who are We 
Culturally?” Dr. Christel Temple, author of Literary Spaces: Introduction to Comparative Black Literature,
Associate Professor, University of Pittsburgh
Saturday 5 – 7 PM. Donation
(September 28) “Law and Mental Health in the Black Community”
Dr. Emeka Nwadiora, Associate Professor, Temple University; Host “The Dr. Emeka Show” 900AM WURD
Saturday 5 – 7 PM. Donation

October 2013
(October 5) “50 Years of African Unity: The State of the Union and the Prospects for a United Africa.” 
Dr. Cheikh Tidiane Gadio, President, Institute for Pan African Strategies, Dakar, Senegal
Saturday 5 – 7 PM. Donation
(October 26) “The Struggle Between Greece and Egypt in the American School System: The Crime of 
Falsification of Knowledge”
Dr. Molefi Kete Asante, President, MKAI 
Saturday 5 – 7 PM. Donation

November 2013
(November 9) “Language, Education, and Power: The Weapons of Intellectual Warfare”
Dr. Ama Mazama, Peraat, Afrocentricity International
Saturday 5 – 7 PM. Donation
(November 16) “African Culture in the Americas: What We Can’t See?”
Dr. Iyelli Ichile, Temple University
Saturday 5 – 7 PM. Donation

December 2013
(December 7) “THE AFRICAN WORLD OF HIP HOP: Baltimore to Botswana”
Professor MK Asante, author of BUCK, Associate Professor, Morgan State University
Saturday 5 – 7 PM. Donation

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