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A Message from Uhuru News Director, Nyabinga Dzimbahwe

We need your help to get it printed!

Nyabinga DzimbahweNyabinga Dzimbahwe
Director, Uhuru News
$2,000 is needed by
Monday 10/17 to print
The Burning Spear

Chip In

Contribute online or make checks to "Burning Spear Publications" and mail to: 1245 18th Ave S
St. Petersburg, FL 33705

If mailing a check, please email to let us know it's on the way.
Uhuru (Freedom) greetings!

Fall 2011 is an incredibly important time in history. All around the world African and other oppressed people are taking our future into our own hands. As a result, imperialism in sinking deeper and deeper into crisis.

Two campaigns happening now in Philadelphia can impact on the anti-imperialist struggle worldwide. We've got to let the people know!

November 5 – The Black is Back Coalition will hold its national antiwar mobilization on "Stop the Wars and Build the Resistance."

November 8 – Vote for InPDUM President Diop Olugbala for Mayor of Philadelphia!

With a Democratic party incumbent who has implemented brutal neocolonial policies on this majority African city, and an incompetent Republican party candidate, Diop has a shot at winning. His campaign has already been tremendously successful at putting the agenda of the African working class on the table and the impact of his run is international in scope.

Send The Spear to Philly

Diop's campaign has gotten a fair amount of mainstream media play. But getting The Burning Spear newspaper into the hands of the African community and our allies is crucial for them to truly understand the issues surrounding his campaign and how it all fits into the worldwide struggle for African liberation and self-determination.

This is an appeal for anyone who can, to sponsor this issue of The Burning Spear. A total of $2,000 is needed by Monday, October 17 to cover the cost of printing. Please contribute $100, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford. Even if everyone who reads this chips in $5 or $10, we'll meet our goal.

Why chip in? Because The Burning Spear newspaper is your media. It's the only news outlet in existence now that gives an African working class perspective. And it is revolutionary media—coverage and analysis to help understand and change the world.

Amplify the voice of the International African Revolution!

Nyabinga Dzimbahwe, Director
Department of Agitation and Propaganda
African People's Socialist Party USA

About The Burning Spear newspaperThe Burning Spear newspaper is the oldest black power newspaper in existence. The Spear has published without interruption since the 1960s. Known as the "Voice of the International African Revolution," The Spear carries dynamic articles on the most pressing issues affecting the lives of African workers in the U.S., in Africa and around the world.This is the only place you can find real political analysis of the crisis of parasitic capitalism, insight into world and local events and a focus on the realities and struggles in the heart of the 'hood. On its pages, The Spear tells you how to get organized, how to struggle and how to win.The Spear puts out the real truth and fights for one liberated and united Africa as the birthright of African people everywhere. • • Like UhuruRadio on Facebook


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